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Leasing Facilities

At Sidroc Services Ltd we believe that, when possible, caring for our loved ones at home is a priority. It is for this reason that Sidroc Services Ltd leases different medical equipment to cater for the patient's needs at home. This is very helpful to the patient and their carer.

Equipment available for lease includes, but is not limited to:

  • Four Section beds fully electrically controlled.
  • Patient lifters.
  • Anti-pressure sore mattresses.
  • Specialized mattresses.
  • Oxygen Concentrators/Portable Oxygen Concentrators.
  • Auto-CPAP machines for sleep Apnea.
  • Auto BIPAP machines.
  • Wheelchairs.

Other medical equipment may be leased. We strive to cater for everyone's personal requirements.

Kindly contact us for further information.