PhysioGo 300A/301A*

A device for electrotherapy, ultrasound therapy and combination therapy

The PhysioGo 300A device is a modern device for carrying out physical therapy treatments equipped with up to three therapeutic channels and a wide base of built-in treatment programs.PhysioGo 300A enables the treatment of patients suffering, among others, from musculoskeletal, nervous and soft tissue injuries.

Discover the tool created for the comfort of physiotherapists, which achieves quick and long lasting therapy effects.

* The PhysioGo 301A model has a built-in Li-Ion battery with a capacity of 2250 mAh

Benefits for the physiotherapist

Built-in treatment programs

The device user can choose to work in manual or program mode. The manual mode gives the opportunity to determine the treatment parameters independently, and its use is recommended for advanced users. PhysioGo 300A is equipped with a database of 204 built-in treatment programs combined with an encyclopedia describing and illustrating the methodology of performing treatment procedures. Additionally, the user can create a handy list of favorite treatments based on available built-in programs. The modern approach to electrotherapy treatments has been emphasized by 38 built-in treatment sequences. It is a combination of several types of current in one treatment procedure. PhysioGo 300A memory allows to save 150 own treatment programs and 10 user-defined sequences. In contrast, three independent channels give the opportunity to perform electrotherapy and ultrasound treatments to one or several patients simultaneously, which significantly reduces the duration of therapy.


PhysioGo 300A allows to perform advanced physical treatment procedures outside the therapy centers. The device owes its mobility to small dimensions and a specially designed bag that allows safe transport for the unit along with its equipment. In addition, especially for physiotherapists conducting treatments in home healthcare environment, the ASTAR has created the PhysioGo 301A version equipped with a battery. It allows to work with the device up to 4 hours even when it is not possible to connect it to a power source.

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