Bosby Heel Pads


Bosby Heel Pads

Bosby Heel Pads can help restore heel skin to its natural, soft and healthy condition in only a few days. Comfortable, with a non-slip, stay-in-place design.
Bosby Heel Pads work continuously without messy lotions or creams.
Bosby’s patented technology works by activating the body’s own skin regeneration process. While softly coming into contact with the skin, the patented silicone pad helps activate the skin to regenerate itself and retain its natural moisture, leading to a natural and holistic restoration of the heel skin. The more you wear them, the more healing time your skin receives, and the sooner your skin is restored to its natural beauty and healthy condition.
Bosby Heel Pads are hypoallergenic to resist bacteria and foot odours. Bosby Heel Pads can be hand washed or machine washed on delicate cycle and dried on low heat.
Restore soft skin to your heels.
Worn day or night, with or without socks or shoes.
One size fits most

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