Maternity Tens Machine

Safe for mother and baby.
Recommended by midwives and GPs.
9 out of 10 women find TENS helpful in labour.
Can be used from the onset of labour, helping with transition from home to hospital.
Can be safely used in conjunction with analgesics such as pethidine or standard gas and air.
Can be used to manage after birth pain.
Can be used for post episiotomy pain relief.
Suitable for general back ache post pregnancy.
Labour log – this enables mum-to-be to monitor the frequency of her contractions and length of tie in labour.
Active Power Ramp – pressing the boost button on the side of the machine increase the intensity beyond normal settings.

This brings into action the ~brief intense TENS’ pain relief mechanism to help counter extreme pain.
Pad alarm – if the contact of any of the four electrode pads is lost or if the pad quality is below standard the wording @[email protected] flashes on the screen to inform mum-to-be that the pain relief they will be receiving is no longer adequate.
Comfort Strength Control.
Unique contraction timing feature.

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