Enraf- Nonius Sonopuls 692

//Enraf- Nonius Sonopuls 692

Enraf- Nonius Sonopuls 692



Sonopuls 692

For ultrasound therapy, electrotherapy and combination therapy.
Combination therapy is the combined application of ultrasound therapy and electrotherapy. Equipment for combination therapy offers both the possibilities of ultrasound therapy and electrotherapy (in all its diversity) but also the possibility of a simultaneous ultrasound-electrotherapy treatment. Ultrasound therapy can therefore be applied at the same time as electrotherapy for pain relief. Furthermore, the use of combination therapy can achieve the same effect with a lower intensity than the separate forms of therapy. This equipment for combination therapy is therefore not only very versatile but also has wide indication area and can be used earlier in therapy. With equipment for combination therapy you have all the possibilities that a modern therapist could wish for, the best ultrasound and electrotherapy, plus the extra possibilities of combined therapy.

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