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Sidroc Services Ltd. is committed to providing its customer with a top-quality product and service. We have embarked on an everlasting project to continually review and improve their business processes.

During the implementation process we have identified all the risks and opportunities that exist for our business and have taken the appropriate actions to address such risks, and to seize all our opportunities. We have also thoroughly documented all activities within our business, to ensure that we consistently deliver high-quality products and services.

In June 2020, we approached the ISO Certification Management Consultant in Malta, Luke Desira to guide us through the process, all the way through to certification. This was yet another opportunity for us to put all our activities under the microscope to consolidate all our learnings from the past into world-class, best-practice techniques.

After system was documented, we have successfully carried out training to all our employees, to ensure that everyone is fully aware of their role within the management system, so that together, we can pull the same rope, and ensure that our clients’ needs are anticipated, and subsequently met.

Finally, we have appointed a recognized certification body audit our activities, following which Sidroc Services Ltd was awarded the certificate of approval.

Our passion for health is second to none. The Quality Policy, shown below, is our committed towards ensuring that our customers’ needs are at the forefront of our decisions.


Quality Policy

Sidroc Services Ltd. Supplies leases and services medical devices.

Sidroc Services Ltd. Is committed toward a top-quality service to our clients, through tailoring our offering to the client’s needs and providing all the necessary training needed, and guarantees pristine and genuine after sale services.

Our passion for health is second to none.

Sidroc Services Ltd. is committed to the continual improvement within our quality system and to comply with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015.

Our intent is to provide the highest standard of service and quality for all products, supplied to our customer’s requirements. At Sidroc Services Ltd. we are committed to providing our clients with:

  • Peace of mind when ordering our products as they will consistently achieve the desired performance requirements.
  • That they will be able to consult with us and receive educated and well researched solutions to their problems by courteous professionals.

We have the feedback mechanisms in place to gather information about our customers experiences and preferences and are committed to regularly analysing this information so that we can make the necessary changes to better our product and service delivery.

We recognize that the quality of our products depends on the everyday actions of those in Sidroc Services Ltd.’s employment. Sidroc Services Ltd. is committed to communicate with all stakeholders their roles within the company’s management system, and to developing our personnel’s skills through training and mentoring in both their professional and vocational interests.

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