Itouch Sure Pelvic Floor Exerciser

Itouch Sure Pelvic Floor Exerciser

TensCare Pelvic Floor Exerciser


Continence Management

Exercises and tones the pelvic floor muscle.
Safe and drug-free.
Easy-to-use at home.
Clinically proven programmes.
Reducing the usage of containment pads.
Can help to reduce leakage, help treat erectile dysfunction, help to avoid rectal prolapsed, help ease chronic pelvic pain, help prostate to function, and more.


Comfortable stimulation – the strength of the stimulation increases gradually, with 200 tiny steps, making the feeling very comfortable.
Easy Start – one Touch Memory. Intelligent memory enables the unit to remember the last programme and the strength setting used.
Safety duration override – ensures that the pelvic floor is not overworked. After 20 minutes, the unit will switch off. ( it is possible to alter the time in order to customise the unit to ones needs).
Probes included.

Also available including preset programmes in the unit, which programmes have been clinically tested and proven to be highly effective.

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