First Aid Kit

Medication pack, in compliance with D.I.N. 13164B normative complete of:
1 plaster roll 500×2,5 cm
8 stripped medicated non woven plasters 10x 6 cm
1 medication package for big wounds.
3 medication package for medium wounds
2 non woven triangular clothes
1 sterile medication cloth 60×80 cm
2 sterile medication cloth 40×60 cm
3 sterile medication packs M
Medication pack L
6 sterile compresses 10×10 cm
1 first aid scissors
4 non-sterile protection gloves L
1 emergency isothermic blanket
2 elastics medication bandage OB 7 cm
3 elastics medication bandage OB 10 cm
Copy of Legislative Act 388 dated 15.07.03
Dimensions: about 13x7x22 cm
Weight: 365 gm

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