Enraf-Nonius Ultra Sound Therapy Sonopuls 190

//Enraf-Nonius Ultra Sound Therapy Sonopuls 190

Enraf-Nonius Ultra Sound Therapy Sonopuls 190



Ultra Sound Therapy Sonopuls 190

Fast and easy ultrasound treatment.
This is a device with an extremely fast start-up, a fat way to set-up treatment parameters and a device that gives fast therapeutic results. The compact and ergonomic design, the clear TFT screen and touch screen interface make this small device a big asset for the therapist.

Evidence based protocols – provided with 25 evidence based treatment protocols, including anatomical representations and clear guidelines for treatment.
Programmable – besides the 25 evidence based protocols you can also store 20 protocols according to your own guidelines.
Extremely quick start up.
Crystal clear TFT colour screen that is scratch resistant.
Touch screen user interface.
Programmed for speed. In most cases you can start a pathology-specific treatment in just 3 steps. Easy, quick and simple.
Ergonomic design.
Contact control – a 360 degrees light ring for contact control. A clear indication of the effective transfer of energy that enables you to conduct the therapy as efficient as possible.
2 treatment heads possible.
Energy efficient.
Compact and stylish.
Ultra-flexible cable.

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