Willow Springs Penetrating Deep-Heat Cream


Willow Springs Penetrating Deep-Heat Cream

Our Deep Heat Penetrating Cream starts with our cornerstone ingredient, whole pure Emu Oil, to this we add natural ingredients to support your body’s own pain fighting system. Our natural blend of Emu Oil, CMO, Camphor, Oil of Wintergreen and Boswellia with the deep heating of Capsicum is great for a variety of conditions. It will alleviate aches and pains associated with sore muscles, injuries, inflammation and arthritic pain. Research studies have shown Emu Oil to have significant anti-inflammatory properties comparable to some oral pain medications, with out the negative side effects, and is an excellent trans-dermal carrier of the other pain reducing ingredients. This balm is excellent for sports-related injuries including sprains, pulled tendons and bruising. If applied prior to strenuous activity it works well as a preventative balm.

Ingredients: Water, Emu Oil, Emulsifying wax. MSM, Glucosamine, CMO. Glycerin. Menthol, Capsicum, Oil of Wintergreen, Boswellia, Camphor, Optiphen Ultra
Directions: Massage into sore muscles and joints 2-3 times a day. It is beneficial to pre-treat muscles prior to strenuous activity.
Penetrating anti-inflammatory effects of Emu Oil, CMO, Camphor, Oil of Wintergreen and Boswellia with the deep heating of Capsicum.
MSM helps increase blood supply, reducing muscle spasms and helps restore cell wall flexibility and permeability thus reducing inflammation and pain
Glucosamine is a cartilage-builder that slows joint damage and is particularly useful against arthritis
CMO helps to significantly reduce joint pain and stiffness on a wide range of arthritic conditions
Pain relieving.

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