Disosable Electocauteries


Disosable Electocauteries

Disposable sterile cautery pens feature perfect haemostasis with fast and effective precision cauterization of small blood vessels. Being powered by an internal long life battery, they are extremely easy to handle; several models are available, different from each other for working temperatures (1200°C, 800°C and 600°C), shape, thickness and lenght of the cautery tip. The range allows a wide variety operation for small incisions, resections or recesses to be cauterised effectively.
The available range allows to choose a cautery pen that perfectly matches the clinical demands of the procedure: for instance, low temperature model F7255, is particularly suitable for the ophthalmologic operations; model F7288 is particularly indicated for the release of painful haematomas under the nails, thanks to its stiff tip (it perforates the nail just by touching it); model F7277 is particularly useful in gynaecology.

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