Hospital and Clinics Folding Screens


Hospital and Clinics Folding Screens

Hard surface, folding ward screens which are easy to clean and designed for use in a clinical environment. Folding ward screens preserve the integrity of patients without preventing staff from having a good view of the room and of each other. Because each screen can be moved to one side it is easy to increase the space around a bed if required for care procedures. If additional privacy is required a mobile end screen can also be added. Screens are available in a selection of heights to suite the individual requirements of the ward, and in a wide range of colours and patterns.

Folding, Fixed or Mobile.

Fixed screens have been developed for situations where more permanent screening is required, for example a changing area, or other room within a room. Mobile units make it easy to create a temporary free-standing screen wherever the need arises.
Screens come in a range of lengths from 1.25m to 3.75m long. Screens are also available in 2 heights: 1.85m and 1.45m
Our screens fold away quickly thanks to their EasyReturn design and take up minimal space when stored.
Cushioned castors glide effortlessly allowing you to instantly move and lock the screen into position.

Quick and easy to fold back
The One Touch Point Handle means:
• No need for hands to touch other surfaces when moving the screen
• Only one hand needs to be used which reduces cross-infection
Optimizes infection prevention
The Silentia Screen System meets strict hygiene requirements
• All surfaces are smooth and easy to reach
• All surfaces withstand disinfectants used in today’s care situations

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