The SPINEFITTER by SISSEL® is an innovative training device and absolutely versatile for back pain, tension in the muscles and limited mobility of the facet joints.

The SPINEFITTER was developed from the daily work in therapy practice & studio. It is versatile in individual and group training and can be used in a professional context. Thanks to its unique shape, the SPINEFITTER can already bring about a loosening of the shoulder-neck area in simple resting application. The parallel spherical shapes provide mechanical stimuli to the muscles on both sides of the spine, resulting in an intensive massage. Various specially developed exercises and movement sequences can intensify and channel this perception so that “problem zones” can be addressed selectively.

The small balls help to release tension through the deep-acting pressure.
Do something good for yourself! Get active and try out the beneficial and effective training device, which inspires physiotherapists and professional athletes alike!
The Carry Strap for easy carrying of the SPINEFITTER by SISSEL® over the shoulders is included.

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